The Secret System

Meet the hidden system that communicates what the stock market will do
in the time frame of five days or less 
                                                            An example of the system on Apple's stock               
                                                                                                   APPLE                                             11:26 AM (HIGH of the day)
                                                                  At 2:31 PM, June 28, Apple hit a LOW and started going up. Five minutes later the Programmer tells the Insiders, "We're going up $34.00 to the HIGH Minute for July 3rd (& July 4th)" 
  June 28       2:36                   2:37                    2:39                  2:40                2:41 PM          HIGH Minute- July 3rd & 4th 
  All 5 Price Lines go up $34.00 to the HIGH Minute of the day on the same lines, 5 days later.
 (There are five .34's with five matching Price Lines)

How Apple's Stock is Rigged Everyday -
The odds of the example above must be a billion to one, so why are those numbers there?
There is a hidden communication system and I'm going to show it to you.

Why do you want to learn how it works?
It is the Higgs Bosen of the stock market. The system invalidates most everything you have been taught about how and why the market goes up and down. "Breaking News" and "Real Time Technical Analysis" are meaningless when someone is calling out all the oscillations, days in advance, right up until the "Turnaround Minute."  To the minute, to the penny. 

How long has this system been going on?
At least 10 years.

What about the Flash Crash, Twitter Crash and all the wild things that happen?
Those machines are doing exactly what they're told to do.

Is it going on today?

  The "Turnaround Minute" of an 850 point drop

    "One Minute Warning" at 11:22    The LOW at 11:23  


There are many parts to this hidden communication system. I will show you the tools and methods one by one, then how they all work together. It is not baby food, however, if you put forth the effort and have a decent I.Q. you will understand. Once you understand how it works, you will benefit from the knowledge in real time.

An example of how Tesla's stock is rigged everyday -

An example of how the parts work together               -