The Secret System

This system Controls what the stock market will do
in the time frame of five days or less "To the Minute, To the Penny"
                                    An example of the hidden communication system on Apple's stock               
                                                                                                   APPLE                                             11:26 AM (HIGH of the day)
                                                                  At 2:31 PM, June 28, Apple hit a LOW and started going up. Five minutes later 
  the Programmer tells the Insiders, "We're going up $34.00 to the HIGH Minute for July 3rd." 

  June 28       2:36                   2:37                    2:39                  2:40                2:41 PM                                        July 3rd  
  All 5 Price Lines go up $34.00 to the HIGH Minute of the day on the same lines, 5 days later.
 (There are five .34's with five matching Price Lines)

                        The Secret System on Apple's Stock -

                                         "To the Minute, To the Penny"
Every day active traders face this hidden communication system with a blindfold on. Much like the Enigma code, there are no algorithms. It is handwritten with the help of a programming computer. The Achilles' Heel of hiding the system is the Programmer's computer cannot round off numbers. It must be perfect like DNA "To the Minute, To the Penny." Everything in life is disputable, except for numbers. While your eyes are kept off the ball with the socially accepted practice of "Flash Trading" (skimming) the "Breaking News" the "S&P Trading Pit" this stealth system is the mega money maker. I have gone overboard to explain in simple terms with examples how it works and how it has been used. The better an active trader understands this system, the better they will do trading. Here is how the cards are marked.

                                             The bottom of October's 850 point drop

                         "One Minute Warning" at 11:22    The LOW at 11:23 

Every oscillation is called out days in advance and right up to "The Turnaround Minute." 

The "Stock Market HIGH" Happy New Year 2014 

The "Flash Crash" Part One                             -

The "Twitter Crash"                                                   -           

Let me share the moment I discovered the secret system.        Alan meets the Programmer                                    -

The Flash Crash Page is open. Please watch "Part Two."  
In the three open pages of this site I am not trying to show how to use this knowledge directly in your trading. I am only showing the system is real and in use every day.  

The last three pages (that are Password Protected) show how it all works and gives an understanding of where to look for the communication that quickly tells if there is solid ground to stand on before entering a trade. 
Thank you, 
Alan Goldman