The Secret System

This system Controls what the stock market will do
in the time frame of five days or less "To the Minute, To the Penny"
                                    An example of the hidden communication system on Apple's stock               
                                                                                                   APPLE                                             11:26 AM (HIGH of the day)
                                                                  At 2:31 PM, June 28, Apple hit a LOW and started going up. Five minutes later the Programmer tells the Insiders, "We're going up $34.00 to the HIGH Minute for July 3rd at 11:26 AM." 
  June 28       2:36                   2:37                    2:39                  2:40                2:41 PM                                        July 3rd  
  All 5 Price Lines go up $34.00 to the HIGH Minute of the day on the same lines, 5 days later.
 (There are five .34's with five matching Price Lines)

How Apple's Stock is Rigged   -

                                         "To the Minute, To the Penny"
Active traders face this hidden communication system with a blindfold on every day. Much like the Enigma code, there are no algorithms. It is handwritten with the help of the Programmer's computer. The Achilles' Heel of hiding the system is the Programmer's computer cannot round off numbers. It must be perfect like DNA "To the Minute, To the Penny." Everything in life is disputable, except for numbers and these numbers are too perfect. While your eyes are kept off the ball with the socially accepted practice of "Flash Trading" (skimming) "Breaking News" the "S&P Trading Pit" this stealth system is the mega money maker. I have gone overboard to explain in simple terms with examples how it works and how it has been used. Here is how the cards are marked.

                                             The bottom of October's 850 point drop

                     "One Minute Warning" at 11:22    The LOW at 11:23 

Every oscillation is called out days in advance and right up to "The Turnaround Minute." 

How The DOW is Rigged  2014  - 

The people who put this stealth system together are not trying to make it easy to see or for someone to show and explain
 The system is brilliant. The more you understand it, the more respect you will have for how it works and the way they hide it. These videos are best watched on a home or laptop computer. The many helpful "Labels" will not show on a mobile device. Please read my comments under the YouTube videos and remember to click the "Back Arrow" of your browser to return to the site. 
Alan Talks About the System   - 

Let me share the moment I discovered the secret system.        Alan meets the Programmer     -

For years the indexes oscillated at the exact same "Turn Around Minute" off the DOW -

In June of 2012 the Programmer started to use this hidden system on Apple's stock. Now, the Nasdaq and S&P do not oscillate at the exact same minute, however, at the important "Turn Around Minute" Apple has been programmed to support the DOW -  

The abbreviated videos above are the "Tip of the Iceberg." Some (as the "Twitter Crash") are 17 minutes long and go into great detail. Many people, including myself, have a hard time watching them because they feel like waterboarding. There are now 116 videos in my collection and they are up to date. Some are "Used Treasure Maps" of important events. Some detail the mechanics of the tools and methods. Others show where to look to find conformation (Solid Ground) before entering a trade.  

Over the years I have posted websites and videos, then taken everything down. I have been bold and I have been scared. All the while 
I have tried to show enough documentation to convince the skeptics and at the same time not disclose everything so I still have something in my back pocket. I have tried to help my fellow traders by showing how worthless "Real Time Technical Analysis" is against this hidden system. I am also trying to do something good in my life by helping to save the millions of short term traders who are the "Lambs to the Slaughter." The massive advertising sucks them in, they are taught wrong things and then this invisible Predator takes all their money like candy from a baby. The more they learn, the faster they lose. They never had a chance. 

The secret system I have documented will never show up on 60 Minutes. It is the invisible Predator and the mega money maker. I am pretty good with numbers yet I am dumbfounded when I try to imagine how much money is made by knowing what every stock and index will do before it happens.  


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Thank you, 
Alan Goldman